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18 Pairs of Sweatpants You'll Never Want to Take Off

We've done the research (aka wearing them, stretching them). These are the best sweatpants.


Sweatpants are the epitome of casual, but you don’t have to just wear them at home. The best sweatpants are comfortable enough for a day inside but stand ready to step out if need be. They come in all kinds of materials from all-cotton fleece-back jersey, to super comfy tri-blend concoctions or high-end cashmere and velour versions.

How to Pick the Right Pair

Your sweatpants should never be too tight. Sure, the Internet might sexualize form-fitting gray sweatpants, but they aren't appropriate when they pull too tightly around your thighs or don't pool correctly at your ankles because you can't get them over your calves. On the contrary, though your sweatpants shouldn't be too big either. A pair that puffs out like they were stuffed with pillows is best saved where yours are: in bed or on the couch.

I know, it's a bit of a balancing act to find the right pair — the one you can wear to the gym and grocery store but also maybe the bar or office. Sweatpants are definitely more appropriate in more places nowadays, but that still doesn't mean any old pair will do. Find ones that reference vintage silhouettes or come in interesting colors or textures. These pairs will naturally separate themselves from the super-thin Hanes ones you've been holding onto.

Other things to consider? Whether they have zippered pockets to keep your EDC close; whether or not the waistband has an internal or external drawstring; if the ankles are tightly cinched or freer and flowing; and if the sweatpants themselves have pockets at all. There is an endless supply of options out there, so choose the combination that works best for your preferences.

The 18 Best Sweatpants for Men

Whether you’re headed out with slim pair and rare sneakers or are staying in, laissez-faire style, loose and lounge-y with your favorite slippers, these are some of our favorite sweatpants.

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    Best Overall Sweatpants
    Sur Sweatpants

    Outerknown’s Sur Sweatpants are made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp, the latter of which affords extra weight, while the former provides softness. They’re sturdy and structured yet comfortable and breathable, and they boast zip pockets on the front and back.

    Best Upgrade Sweatpants
    Interloop Sweatpants
    Buck Mason

    Buck Mason's interloop sweatpants are based on vintage Marine Corps pairs, meaning they're simple without any superfluous frills. That being said, the fabric itself is super, super soft and cut on the cross grain to prevent stretching or shrinking.

    Best Affordable Sweatpants
    Midweight Sweatpants

    Italic used to be a members-only shopping platform for selling popular products made in the same factories as expensive designer goods at cost. Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. Not anymore. While the offerings were once only available to those that pay a monthly fee, but anyone can now get these mightweight sweatpants in one of five colors for half the price of competitors’ versions. (They say they're made in th same factory as Kith's.)

    French Terry Sweatpants
    Flint and Tinder

    Made from American ringspun cotton, these sweatpants come in a midweight loopback fabric. They feature an elastic waistband (with a drawstring), subtle cuffs, side pockets and a back patch pocket.

    French Terry Sweatpant

    You should know what to expect from Everlane by now: Elevated essentials at sensible prices backed by a 365-day guarantee. All of the products in the brands Uniform collection are backed by the same promise, but rarely, I can assure you, do issues arise. These 100-percent cotton sweats are soft, plenty durable, and available in three stylish hues. 

    French Terry Jogger Sweatpant
    J. Crew

    You can’t go wrong with J.Crew’s basics. These online-exclusive sweatpants feature a French Terry that’s super soft against the skin, pockets, drawstring waist and elastic hem all in a perfectly-fitting relaxed cut.

    Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers

    We've already proven that Nike's sweatshirts are some of the best, and these are the matching bottoms. They're exactly what you'd expect from Nike: consistent, high quality and plenty comfortable. Plus, they come in over a dozen colors.

    Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant
    Todd Snyder x Champion

    Todd Snyder’s ongoing collaboration with Champion has produced modern-day classics, not the least of which is its luxurious sweatpant. Crafted in Canada using a hefty French terry fabric, the cut is tailored as perfectly as its famed suits.

    At Ease Jogger

    You may know Lululemon better for its stretchy leggings and performance fabric T-shirts, but they're sweatpants — dubbed the At Ease Joggers — are an interesting standout. They have a heathered texture and appearance, a super stretchy waistband and a gusset for easier movement.

    Midweight Terry Slim Sweatpant
    Reigning Champ

    Reigning Champ produces some of the best knits out of its Canadian factory and it's got legions of fans to show for it. Its sweatpants give an old-school vibe with drawstrings at the waist and hem, a beefy all-cotton fabric and flush flatlock stitching that won’t irritate against the skin.

    Legend Sweatpant

    Because Faherty's blend polyester, viscose and elastane into their cotton sweatpants, they stretch without losing their shape, a common complaint for 100-percent cotton pairs. Plus, if you're between sizes, the sweatpants — yes, these sweatpants — can get tailored by Hemster for free through Faherty.

    Recycled Fleece Tapered Sweatpant
    Richer Poorer

    Richer Poorer’s sweats look like a successful vintage score — like super soft, worn-in sweatpants colleges would assign to student athletes before college sports became a trillion dollar business. (And long before Nike or Jordan sponsored athletes, too.) They have a unique faded gray color to them, and super soft, relaxed-fit legs. Plus, they’re made from 40-percent recycled polyester, which means each pair diverts 40 water bottles from the landfill. 

    Essential Fleece Sweatpants
    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Did the sight of Abercrombie & Fitch just scare you a little? Don’t freak. The once decrepit mall dud is doing interesting, albeit pleasantly simple, things in the menswear space again. Get your hands on this retro-inspired pair of sweatpants, with thick legs, a relaxed-fit, and your choice of five colors — all for under $60.

    Essential Sweatpant

    Pact's Essential Sweatpants are made from organic cotton and come with big pockets on both hips. They're a nice mix between vintage looking and new, but they stretch out with consistent wear. (I'll admit it: I've been wearing these non-stop.)

    An Upgrade
    Heavyweight Classic Sweatpant
    Les Tien

    Manufactured in the US from 100-percent cotton, Les Tien’s luxury sweats are started on a fine loom and finished with a steel brush, which gives it a vintage look and feel. They’ll be pleasantly soft — eerily worn-in — from the first time you put them on. Plus, they come in eight colors.

    365 Track Pants

    Pangaia’s eco-friendly 365 Track Pants are offered in 22 different colors. Wear the rainbow, I guess? All joking aside, they’re made from 100-percent organic cotton, are dyed with dyes infused into recycled water, and are finished with a treatment that prevents shedding.

    100% Scour Sweatpants

    Completely raw and recycled, these all-natural sweats are produced in Los Angeles using a fabric made with cotton manufacturing waste. The weighty 14-ounce fabric is left undyed and unbleached for a unique texture.

    Vintage Soft Sweatpants

    Gap’s basics are pretty damn good. And you can get them for the price of most fast fashion iterations. (Although Gap is fast fashion, in my opinion, they’re better than ASOS or H&M). Made from majority cotton, these come in 20 colors and have a noticeable, vintage-like softness to them. 

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