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Wrangler Wants to Sell You Old Jeans — and You Should Buy Them

Vintage jeans are the ultimate archival grail: They're soft, pre-exposed to the elements and literal proof properly-made goods will last a lifetime.

wrangler reborn

If you've ever gone shopping for vintage jeans, you know which brand you find most often: Levi's. The ubiquitous blue jean behemoth has been manufacturing fine denim since the late 1800s. But a less appreciated outfitter from that same era makes blue cotton bottoms you should covet, too: Wrangler. Founded in 1904, the brand has arguably as much lore, albeit less of a stranglehold over today's industry.

The company initially specialized in workwear under the name Blue Bell Overall Company. But when Blue Bell acquired a competitor, the Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company, the rights to Casey Jones' sub-brand, Wrangler, which was then largely ignored, came with it. In 1947, Blue Bell announced its rebirth. The Wrangler 11MWZ, designed to the specifications of true cowboys, made its debut, creating the brand as we know it today.

That's why although you can trace Wrangler's history back to 1904, the brand uses 1947 as its founding year. As such, 2022 marks its 75th anniversary. And they're celebrating with a small capsule of vintage (and pre-loved, because they're made post-2000) jeans appropriately titled Wrangler Reborn.

"Curating the pieces in this collection as we celebrate Wrangler’s 75th anniversary really transported us back in time to key moments in our history, while also bringing into clear focus the cultural significance of authentic, durable, quality denim of past, present and future,” Vivian Rivetti, Wrangler's Vice President Global Design, says. "Wrangler jeans are timeless and loved across generations, and this collection appeals to denim heads, longtime Wrangler fans and young vintage-lovers alike, representing the importance of our heritage and proving that this collection is truly one for the ages."

The collection features a few of the aforementioned cowboy-centric pairs: 13MWZ (Men’s Western Zipper) Cowboy Cut and the Cowboy Cut 0936. But more than just a celebration of the company's 75th anniversary, this collection is a stepping stone on Wrangler's journey to being more sustainable. Levi's has long has its own online store for archival goods, but now Wrangler does, too.


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Wrangler Reborn Vintage 1950s Blue Bell Jean (34x29)
Wrangler Reborn Vintage 936 Jean (35x33)
Wrangler Reborn Vintage 13MWZ Jean (36x32)
Wrangler Reborn Vintage 13MWZ (34x32)
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