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Monos Just Added 3 New Suitcases to Its Luggage Lineup

Three new sizes — the Check-In Medium, Check-In Large, and Trunk — complement the brand's existing hybrids.


Vancouver-based bag and luggage brand Monos launched in 2018, and has since grown to sell design-forward suitcases, accessories and apparel in both the Canadian and US markets. Much like Away, its designs are simple yet practical and put an emphasis on quality at an affordable cost. In an earlier head-to-head review, though, which pitted two similar Away and Monos products against one another, we found Monos to be the better value, because of both how the Monos divides its interiors and how much stronger its telescopic handle felt.

The review underscored Monos's commitment to quality products (at even more affordable price than Away). That review did focus on one of the brand's cheaper designs, though: the Carry-On Pro, a part of the core line, which comprises four versions of the carry-on and two different sizes of checked bag. There's another silo under the Monos umbrella, though: the Hybrid collection.

The line started with the Hybrid Carry-On and Hybrid Carry-On Plus, but Monos is adding three new sizes to this corner of its catalog: the Check-In Medium, Check-In Large and Trunk. They balance out the Hybrid section by offering roomy alternatives to the more compact carry-ons, while remaining equally as tough.

You see, Monos's Hybrid line blends the best of both aluminum and polycarbonate suitcases, creating a hybrid — hence the name — that's lightweight yet incredibly durable. The Hybrid suitcases are built with zipperless aluminum frames, reinforced aluminum corner guards, puncture-proof polycarbonate shells and tonal components. They all come with the aforementioned extra-sturdy telescopic handle and two TSA-approved locks. Plus, they have four wheels, not two, like most modern suitcases and come in three colors, Obsidian (Black), Champagne (Gold) and Silver.

The Check-In Medium and Check-In Large simply represent an expansion into new sizes — a step up from the pair of carry-ons they've sold previously. The Trunk, however, is the exploration of a new shape, something more vertically inclined to safely carry tall boots, bottles, laid-out suits or a tall stack of shirts. It's a shape you don't see often, if at all, anymore, and it stands out, so it'll be interesting to see if it sticks, especially since so much of our collective luggage is built roughly the same way now.

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Monos Hybrid Check-In Medium
Monos Hybrid Check-In Large
Monos Hybrid Trunk
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