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Rimowa's Newest Suitcase Color Will Probably Be Its Most Popular Yet

Pine Green, as the German luggage brand calls it, is a nice break from burnished aluminum.


Most folks know the ritzy, LVMH-owned German luggage brand Rimowa for its sleek silver suitcases, which are made from high-end aluminum. The brand pioneered the iconic style, launching their first aluminum luggage in 1950 — citing the first-ever all-metal plane, the F 13, as inspiration. But Rimowa also created the first polycarbonate suitcase in 2008, meaning there'd be none of these new DTC luggage brands without them.

Sure, polycarbonate existed before then — it was used in body armor and other protective materials — but it hadn't been applied to a true consumer product (like suitcases). Rimowa quickly learned a polycarbonate suitcase could compete with aluminum, and was able to carry the same five-year warranty it offered for all of its aluminum suitcases over to the polycarbonate luggage. Incredibly durable and yet impressively light, its polycarbonate cases nowadays are sold under the Essential line.

And now, the Essential line will play host to an exclusive new color: Pine Green. Matte with all-black wheels and tonal hardware, the Pine Green Rimowa Cabin (a carry-on suitcase) is a refreshing deviation from the sea of black and silver suitcases you see in the airport, on planes and in line at bus and train stations.

It's a pleasant green, too — not lime-green or vomit, but true pine, like the tree. It doesn't scream "I bought this suitcase so it'd be easier to spot at baggage claim," but the hue certainly helps. (Raspberry, on the other hand, which dropped at the same time, screams "Look at me!") You won't see many suitcases like it, especially of this quality. Rimowa's suitcases are built to last, so why not buy yours in a unique color?

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