Sen7 Cologne Atomizer

A Travel Grooming Must Have

sen7 atomizer

Though it may look like something your girlfriend hides in the back of her underwear drawer, the Sen7 was brought to our attention by Acquiremag and is actually the perfect accessory to your scent of choice. Sporting a Star Trek approved design, this atomizer holds 5.8 ml of cologne or roughly .2 ounces. That means it’s TSA friendly, which is good news for men hoping to avoid handing over their $80+ bottle of fragrance to some billy bob behind an x-ray machine. It also allows guys to circumvent the obnoxious bottle styling that some designers insist makes their fragrance “..truly inspiring!” Pick one up in the classic options above, or in an array of colors and smell good no matter where the winds of travel take you. Concerned about the pain of filling it up? Then check out the video after the jump of how it works and you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about.

Buy Now: $35-42

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