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The 8 Best New Fragrances of Fall 2019

From Maison Martin Margiela, Henry Rose, Jack Black and more.

Chandler Bondurant

Collectively, we continue to act blindsided by the arrival of fall. Every year, it’s the same shock: Summer is over! And every year, on September 23, fall drops in and stays for three months. Like clockwork.

Thus, every year around this time, the scents change with the season. Ideally, you prepared for it, by topping off your heartier notes and spritzing the last of your fresh, floral ones. But if you too are blindsided by the autumnal equinox of 2019, then worry not: it’s still early enough to stock up on a fall scent, and many of your best options will suit winter weather as well.

Better yet, why not try a new scent this season? And not just a fragrance that’s new to your nose, but one that’s brand new to shelves; this will ensure that your scent is uniquely yours, and not one of the half-dozen standby scents your friends wear.

Here, then, are this year’s best additions to the fall fragrance catalog. Happy hunting! Oh, and mark your calendar for December 21 — we heard a rumor that that’s when winter is coming (Again, as planned, each year. It’ll be the perfect time to snag another from this list for the gifting season.)

Henry Rose Fog EDP

With the freshness of a mid-Autumn morning, Fog rolls into this list by balancing vetiver and musk so cleanly; despite those full notes, it never feels weighed down. This is the standout scent from one of the year’s big fragrance debuts — Henry Rose is a new venture from the inimitable Michelle Pfeiffer, and its line of five scents suits men and women alike.

BUY NOW: $120

Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli EDP

While it’s built for spring and summer, Bvlgari’s annual spin on the classic “Man” scent is every bit as appropriate for fall. It emphasizes neroli, cedar, orange blossom and bergamot, and recalls the endless summer days on the Mediterranean coast. Wear it into autumn so that your crisp, sunny memories don’t cease with the season.

BUY NOW: $107

Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy EDT

Kenneth Cole calls Mankind Legacy a “day-to-night” scent, which it is, but it’s also an excellent fall-to-winter fragrance that will wear well with every occasion. This a warming scent, despite the effervescent impression given by its gray-blue tones; key notes are both green and woody (balsam, cedar, clary sage), resinous (amyris), as well as spicy (nutmeg).

BUY NOW: $82

Confessions of a Rebel by Scentbird About Last Night EDP

Scentbird is already the go-to site for curious noses and searchers of a signature scent (allowing customers to test fragrances by mail, at low cost). But they’re finally in the scent making game, too, having launched Confessions of a Rebel with four products. Our pick of the four is also a fit for fall: About Last Night unites bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, vetiver, mandarin oil and a blend of spices. Together, they vibe like downtown NYC after dark—that is, the gritty-but-vibrant Lower East Side, not stodgy-but-still-stodgy Wall Street. Thus, wearing About Last Night may rightfully align your sleep schedule with The City That Never Sleeps.

BUY NOW: $110

Ormonde Jayne Isfarkand Elixir EDP

A remix of Ormonde Jayne’s Isfarkand, this Elixir launch plays prominently on cedar, bergamot and lime. Its heartbeat is the elusive Iso E Super molecule, which pulses dry, cedar-like notes throughout the day, ensuring that this potion is every bit as magical as the scent upon which it is based. Save some of it for spring, as it wears especially well in both shoulder seasons.

BUY NOW: ~$241

Jack Black Black Reserve Body Spray

Black Reserve is a fit for the entire year, but it’s a limited edition launch from Jack Black. For that reason, you had better get it now and see just how many seasons it lasts. It combines the crispness of bergamot and mandarin, the uplifting essence of lavender, the calming sense of cardamom, and the magnetism of cedarwood, leather and patchouli.

BUY NOW: $35

Maison Martin Margiela Whispers in the Library EDT

Cedar, pepper, patchouli, and vanilla envelop the wearer with both sweetness and warmth. MMM describes its latest launch as “The slowing down of time between books and the whispers of turning pages.” But, if it were up to us, we’d be yelling across the room at how fit it is for fall.

BUY NOW: $126

Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient Bois Mysterieux EDP

“Mysterious wood” is perhaps the strongest and longest-lasting of this list. That is thanks to the gravity given to it by notes of leather, myrrh, patchouli, and cedar. Combined with neroli, laurels and jasmine, the result is fresh but spicy, as well as sexy and smoky. It intends to recall the warmth of oriental incense—and does so successfully, making it a statement piece for both fall and winter.

BUY NOW: $200

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