Juniper Ridge Backpacker’s Cologne

Pheromones are not enough
Nathan Branch

“Backpacker’s Cologne” sounds more like a euphemism for “smells like you haven’t showered in a while” than a natural fragrance made using pre-industrial perfume techniques — but that’s just what it is, camper. Juniper Ridge harvests wild plants from seven locations in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and the Desert Southwest, extracting the essential oils in a converted whiskey still for use in soaps, perfumes and incense.

Of interest to the rugged outdoorsman are the three varieties of cologne: Wild Plum ($85), made using plant trimmings and tree boughs harvested in the Sierra Butte region; Caruthers Canyon ($85), with a nose reminiscent of the Mojave Desert; and Siskiyou ($85), a cologne derived from conifers of the Pacific Northwest. Each comes in a 2oz liquor-style bottle. Not included with your purchase are tall tales of adventures on the western frontier. We suspect you’ve got that covered.

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