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20 Bathroom and Grooming Essentials Under $20

Exfoliating towels, styling paste, melatonin patches and plenty more.

20 under 20 bathroom
Gear Patrol

Having the necessary stuff is step one of a healthy hygiene routine — one which includes bathing, grooming and everything in-between. Whether you're living on your own or with roommates dictates how kitted out your quiet space (translation: bathroom) can be. But there are is a long list of essentials you should keep in stock for yourself to start with. There are plenty more you can procure for others, should they come by by surprise.

That being said, this isn't an exhaustive guide to beginning a skincare routine. You'll find that here. This definitely isn't a guide to giving yourself a haircut or getting your next one. Find those here and here, respectively. Instead, this guide is filled with item that are easily forgotten. Or, things you simply didn't know existed, but definitely now need in your Dopp kit. Either way, there are items aplenty everyone will enjoy — even germaphobe guests.

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1 Exfoliating Shower Towel

The GOAT shower tool is this Exfoliating Shower Towel from Japanese textile company Goshi. It's all they make, and they're very good at it.

2 Ultra-Light Face Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

You should using SPF every day — and especially on your face. CeraVe's lightweight Face Moisturizer (with SPF 30) doesn't leave a greasy film or clog pores.

3 Fingernail Scrub Brush
Bathing Culture

Take your hand washing to a whole new level. This tiny scrub brush sweeps dirt from under your nails and can tackle tough-on gunk on your knuckles or hands.

4 Philips One Toothbrush
Philips Sonicare
Now 20% off

Starting your morning with technology calms the brain and readies the body for the day in a way scrolling bed for 30 minutes can't. Get an electric toothbrush without constant, incessant reminders or annoying brushing assessments relayed to you all the time via a smartphone app. I'm venting. It's OK.

5 Dream (4-Pack)
The Good Patch

Are you someone that struggles to fall asleep? I'm sorry. The sheer thought of taking melatonin every night is making me groggy. The Good Patch's Dream formula, however, releases melatonin more manageably, helping your body relax and your mind drift off without putting you under completely. You'll wake up feeling refreshed — even if you only took a nap. Simply peel off the patch when you're done wearing yours (which should never be for longer than 12 hours).

6 Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Bravo Sierra

Sometimes there simply isn't time for a shower. I get it. Bravo Sierra offers a "tactical shower" — the brand's nickname for wiping yourself down with one of its Extra-Thick Anti-Bacterial Body Wipes. They aren't like paper towels, and, honestly, you feel pretty clean after just a few wipes.

7 Tortoiseshell Acetate Pocket Comb
Baxter of California

Even if you don't necessarily style your hair each morning, you can style comb it. In fact, you should. Combing your hair helps distribute its oils more evenly, preventing dryness or damage.

8 Cedar & Suede Candle
Public Goods

If you think bathroom sprays are too obvious, opt for a candle. You can light it even when you don't need it, just be sure to keep an eye on it. 

9 Clear the Air Toilet Spray
Grove Collaborative

Smelly bathroom? Stop the spread. Grove Collaborative's Clean the Air Toilet Spray tackles odors using non-toxic ingredients.

10 Shave Cream
Rockwell Razors

I'm not saying you need to make a $17 dollar cream a staple in your shaving routine. But, splurge from time to time. Treat yourself.

11 Lip Saver Lip Balm

Lip damage — including chapping or cracking — can happen year-round. Keep Aveda's oil-centric Lip Saver on standby. It's oil-based, but it doesn't make you feel greasy. They're good oils.

12 Hand Wash

It's time to upgrade your hand soap. Of course you could go with Aesop — it's popular; it's expensive — but Maaplim makes one that is just as nice.

13 Eye Stick 2.0

Long night? Don't let your eyes retell the night's events. Huron's Eye Stick 2.o features a rollerball tip that releases a serum designed to fight puffiness and dark circles.

14 Precision Grip Nail Clipper
Now 21% off

Get a set of nail clippers with grip. These are not only easier to hold but they cut through nails without splitting their ends. 

15 Sage Styling Cream

Pomade can totally be your styling tool of choice, but sometimes a styling cream — like this one Malin+Goetz — is an easier option. It doesn't messy the hands the same way and it looks more natural.

16 Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm
Duke Cannon

Your hands need TLC, too, not just your nails. Moisturize your dry, cracked hands. 

17 Body Scrubber

Take this hexagonal tile into the shower and use it to apply your body wash. Work it around in circles, removing gunk and dead skin. If it gets dirty, it's dishwasher safe. (Little weird but probably worth it.)

18 Planta Futura Cactus Soap

You cannot find a more luxurious bar of soap for under $20 dollars. I'd put money on Nopalera's over so many others. It's made from plant butters and cactus oils and smells a bit like lemongrass. Plus, it's bright green.

19 Hydro-Stars™

Overnight acne recovery is a thing. Simply put one of these Hydro-Stars — potent star-shaped stickers — on the trouble spot and remove it the next morning. It might take a few rounds, but your acne should eventually fade — faster than it would've without Starface's help.

20 Maskne Protection Bio-Cellulose Mask

Still wearing your mask a whole hell of a lot? With you. 111Skin's Bio-Cellulose Mask works to combat "maskne," which is essentially the sudden occurrence of pimples and blackheads in the pores your mask covers (and thus clogs). Slip this on for 20 minutes and you're a step closer to overcoming it.

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