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Palladium Baggy Leather Boots

Boots Of The French Foreign Legion


Palladium boots, originally designed and manufactured for the French Foreign Legion, circa 1947 (nod to Sinatra), are like many vintage military products these days. That is to say, in fashion. The Palladium Baggy boots are a not-too-pricey boot option for casual wearers, and in this case, the Baggy Leather boots can be worn in one of two ways: with the leather upper extended fully as we have in our photo above, or folded down for a slightly lower hi-rise boot.

They’re incredibly comfortable and wear in nicely after just a month’s use. Palladium’s brand relaunch this past Fall arrived with an infusion of updated colorways (black, saddle brown, chinchilla, and walnut), materials, and all boots utilizing a rubber toe-cap and ruggedized outer sole. Of all the material options, we prefer the pre-burnished vegetable tanned leather option (above), but to each man his own. Consider pairing these with some structured jeans.

Cost: $110

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