On Sale Now: Some of the Best Leather Sneakers Money Can Buy

Luxury shoes at approachable prices.


Feit sells the footwear of most guys’ dreams. While the minimalist trend can be overplayed, the New York footwear brand pulls it off thanks to simple, seamless designs that reject branding in the name of beauty. Premium quality and aesthetic sensibility commands a high price tag, however, and many might scoff at spending $500 or more on a pair of sneakers. That’s why their Archive Sale, happening now, is a great time to shop.

Feit’s reputation is built on its slipper, essentially a glorified version of a slip-on Vans. The classic low and high-top sneakers are worth a look as well. So is the Hiker Low, which combines derby dressiness with a hiking boot sole. Heck, there’s no bad deal on the sale, only bad timing, so don’t second guess your need for a new pair of shoes.

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