Shine a Spotlight On Your Laces, They Need It

Forget dull white or brown laces, you’ll garner many more admirers with bold ones.


It’s time to stop with the boring laces. Those all-white or brown ones have served enough time on your feet. Whether you’ve broken a shoelace, or want something to update your classic kicks, Whiskers Laces is here to add some fun to a typically dull subject. Pick from striped, braided, ticked or solid, in a variety of hues and tones, guaranteed to match your style, even if it changes every single day. At 33-inches, the laces work with both dress and casual shoes.

Each distinctive lace comes with premium aglets and arrives wrapped around a wooden spool because nothing looks worse on top of an otherwise organized dresser than loose laces. Start your day off on the right foot — complete with an excellent looking pair of laces.

Buy Now: $15

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