These Sneakers Take the Term ‘Handmade’ to a New Level

Available exclusively at Standard and Strange.


Now at Oakland-retailer Standard and Strange, you can get the latest handmade sneaker from Feit. The Hand Sewn Low Latex sneaker features a one-piece vegetable-tanned horsehide upper that, after being cut and hand-lasted, sits for a week to ensure the proper shape is retained. While the style looks like a sneaker, the interior construction is hand-welted so that the sole can be replaced after it wears out.

The outsole is a step forward for the luxury shoemaker and exclusive for Standard and Strange. Though it looks like a normal gum sole, it is actually made from pure latex by Lactae Hevea in France. All-natural products — no synthetics or toxic chemicals — are used in the construction of this sneaker and it is ethically produced in China.

Available in full sizes from 8 to 12, the Hand Sewn Low Latex sneaker fits true to size (slightly larger than Vans classics). If you’ve been looking for a sneaker that not only utilizes the best materials but also features top-tier construction, these are worth checking out.

Buy Now: $600

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