The Beach Ready Sneaker You Need on Your Feet

The Huaka’i Li which roughly translates to “journey, lace” in Hawaiian, is OluKai’s handsome sneaker that can go anywhere without an issue.


OluKai is known for its impressively rugged sandals perfect for taking from surf to land. The island-born brand understands the need for versatile footwear better than most, combining aquatic durability, ocean lifestyle, comfort and craftsmanship, for rugged and laid back footwear. OluKai makes some of the best island ready adventure shoes you can get your hands on, and not just sandals.

The Huaka’i Li (hoo-ah-kah-ee lee) which roughly translates to “journey, lace” in Hawaiian, is OluKai’s handsome sneaker that can go anywhere without an issue. Looking to the raw natural beauty of the Waimoku Falls on Maui’s east side for design inspiration, the Huaka’i Li is crafted from waxed nubuck leather and is the perfect sneaker for the casual adventures.


The leather uppers will get better with age — like a well-loved baseball glove — breaking in and becoming even more supple to fit your feet just right. The leather extends into the interior of the shoe as well, lined with pebbled full-grain leather so you can throw them on with or without socks. Also in that department, the Huaka’i Li is equipped with a drop-in heel for easy on-off wear for those Hawaiian homes where you slip off your shoes before going in the house.

The footbed and outsole round out the comfort and versatility. Lightweight and super supportive, the footbed is anatomical for comfort and is covered in that soft full-grain leather for the smoothest of rides. The sneaker styling stands out on the white EVA midsole, but the addition of the stacked leather vernier heel give the Huaka’i Li a bit of elevation.

The Huaka?i L? is ready is more than capable of any place or any casual jaunt beachside to the home. Whether enjoying Hawai‘i’s raw natural beauty or just slipping them on to run errands on the weekend, the Huaka’i Li can do it all and then some.

Buy Now: $160

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