Sony NAS-Z200iR Compact Audio System

Complete Control in the Palm of Your Hand



Normally, iPod docks aren’t the kind of thing to get revved up about. However, this recent release from Sony caught our eye, since it appears to solve one major problem that’s hampered the usability of similar devices. Instead of simply offering users the option to skip back and forth between tracks from across the room, the system’s included remote gives you full access to view your music library just as you would on your iPod.

Playing nice with iPods isn’t the only trick up this systems sleeve, though. The device can also access audio content via its built-in WiFi connection, slot loading CD player, USB port, and radio tuner, which can also be controlled in a similar fashion through the remote. Power wise,the NAS-Z200iR stands at par for the course with two 20 watt speakers and included double neodymium magnets for bass reproduction.


Having not had the chance to test the unit ourselves, we can’t vouch whether everything works as promised. We will admit though that the shiny 3.5 inch LCD remote display is hard to resist and adds a definite schnaz factor, which sets it apart from others in the realm. We also appreciate its step towards convergence by allowing streaming of internet radio or computer based music content.

Prices have yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted once more information comes in.


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