Sanus Systems Super Slim HDTV Wall Mounts

The Super Model of Wall Mounts


With thin being so “in” with HDTV’s right now, it’s no surprise that wall mounts are following suit. After all, what’s the point of paying what amounts to your left arm for a TV of Calista Flockhart-like proportions, only to mount it 3 inches from the wall?

The Sansus LL11 & ML11 super slim low-profile mounts have those three adjectives in their name for a reason. That’s because they allow HDTV’s ranging from 26-65 inches to be mounted just .55″ away from the wall.

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Practically kissing paint, their unique designs emphasize the sleek look of ultra-thin LCDs, Plasmas, and LED’s, while furthering the illusion of their “floating” on the wall. Svelte design doesn’t come at the cost of limited cable access either. Instead, included ClickStand technology holds the bottom of the TV away from the wall without needing to remove it from the mount. However, should you need to remove it your HDTV from the bracket, convenient quick-release tabs on both of the mounting brackets stay hidden, but easily pull down to unlock the TV from the wall plate. Lateral shift allows the TV to move left and right on the wall plate, so it can be placed exactly where you want it, even with off-center studs.


The ML11 serves smaller televisions ranging from 26″-46″ and weighing up to 100lbs. The LL11 similarly serves bigger models ranging from 37″-65″ and weighing up to 150lbs.

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Cost: L11 $150, M11 $119

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