Monsterpod All-Surface Camera Tripod

If Chris Angel Designed A Tripod..


More specifically, the Monsterpod is a Viscoelastic Polymer-based tripod. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means you can mount your camera on almost any surface in any direction when taking photos. It also means you won’t be asking people to take improperly composed photos of your friends and family.

Learn (and see) how it works after the jump.

How it works: the polymer base of the Monsterpod will stick to over 1,000 different surfaces (we tried out: wood, metal, sheetrock, plastic, shoddy IKEA table surfaces, stone, cement, aluminum, steel, glass, rocks, trees, ceiling tiles, the back of an iMac, the back hatch of an SUV, so on and so forth). It’s like a suction-cup to mother nature, sticking to nearly everything but air and your skin. The Monsterpod will hold up to 20 ounces of camera (enough for any point & shoot) in any direction on its 360° rotating and pivoting tripod head. Trust us when we say this thing seriously works, perhaps to the point of hilarity. You’ll never tire of slapping your camera onto any surface and the instant amping up of your next vacation photos.

Cost: $30





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