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OGIO Politan Laptop Backpack

Messenger Bags Aren't Your Only Option


For some of us, the lazy days of summer are coming close to an end and it’s almost time to get back to school. For the rest of us, we’re still slaving away behind a desk working on TPS reports. Regardless of whether you’re making the morning trek across campus, or across town, or making your daily commute, you need the right bag to haul your gear and get it all there in one piece – especially your laptop.

Being a huge fan of the added protection of a snug-fitting, hard laptop sleeve, I mustered enough courage to try the Ogio Politan backpack with a built laptop compartment on a recent trip to the city of Angels, sans sleeve. Needless to say, I had doubts if my laptop could survive a week without my beloved hard sleeve, but it was the least I could do for GP.

Unlike Eric, I pack only the essentials in my carry-on, no Penthouse Letters here. If there’s a time you want to be quick about getting your laptop out, it’s getting through airport security. Worse yet, getting stuck behind an idiot who is painfully slow. Even more worse, when that idiot is me. With a dedicated laptop pocket the this task is a breeze. There are no extra steps to take – one zip and your computer is free for x-ray.


The Ogio Politan provides more than ample room in the main compartment for a couple of large text books and folders. The laptop compartment is well padded and easily fits laptops up to 17″. The front pocket is designed to keep all your accessories organized and even has a key clip. Plus, there are two side pockets for cables and a mouse, two mesh pockets, and a dedicated fleece-lined weatherproof audio pocket with headphone cord exit port.

The Politan’s padded back and shoulder straps prove to be extraordinarily comfortable on long outings with an adjustable chest strap. Being a long-time messenger bag + hard sleeve user, it took a few clunks before I remembered to take extra care when setting the bag down (backpacks are inherently tossable), but the Ogio Politan made no fuss about it, keeping my laptop safe and sound.

Author’s Note: While the laptop compartment is large enough for most 17″ laptops, smaller laptops like my 13″ Macbook, will slide in the compartment when the rest of the bag isn’t full. I never encountered a problem with this, but those of you looking for a snug fit should take that into consideration. Otherwise, this bag is top notch.

Cost: $70


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