This Week in Tech & Science: September 9, 2015

Samsung watches you sleep, Motorola tries again with the 360, Stanford’s “intelligent” cars and more.


Samsung watches you sleep, Motorola tries again with the 360, Stanford’s “intelligent” cars and more.

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Cellphone Tracking Tightens Up

A new policy unveiled by the US Justice Department will require “US prosecutors and some federal law enforcement agencies” to nab a warrant before using devices that track your mobile phone’s location. The NSA, however, will probably just do whatever it wants.

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Moto 360, Take Two

With the Apple Watch now in the marketplace, Motorola is unveiling the second-generation Moto 360. It’s sleeker, sexier and far more customizable than before.

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Really Smart Cars

It’s one thing to call a car smart — it’s another to send it to Stanford. The university is teaming up with Toyota to open a $50 million “robotics and artificial intelligence research effort,” which seeks to build “intelligent” vehicles rather than self-driving ones.

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Sleep Tight!

The Internet of Things is only effective when it touches everything — including, evidently, the cool side of your pillow. Samsung’s SleepSense can “turn off your TV when it senses you’re asleep, or turn your coffee machine on when it reckons you’re awake in the morning.”

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Google’s New Look


Google’s logo was updated this week, and while it’s not the first overhaul, it’s the first one in such a long time that you can’t help but notice.

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Reviews and Guides

Advice from the Crew

Leica Q, Reviewed

This week, we found out exactly what it was like to handle a $4,250 compact camera. Turns out, the resulting images come darn close to justifying the price tag.
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Apartment Apps

Finding a new pad isn’t easy, nor is it enjoyable. That’s why we’ve rounded up the seven best apps to make the process as seamless as possible.
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Noteworthy Reads

Stories from Around the Web

According to new comScore data, three out of every four humans using a mobile phone in America are using a smartphone… which makes you wonder what rock is big enough for the other quarter to hide under.

Android and iOS users rejoice — thanks to an updated Prime Video app, you can now download (almost) anything on your device for offline viewing while on a plane, at a campsite, or while waiting in the holding pen at jury duty.

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