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Zeal Optics Transcend GPS Ski Goggles

Meet the Ski Goggles of the Future, Today


Anyone who has ever seen Robo Cop or Terminator 2 should have some ideas of the heads up display fantasy’s entertainment visionaries have teased audiences with for decades. Somewhat out of left field, well known goggle and optics company Zeal now seems to be on the verge of delivering on that crazy Sci-Fi notion with the announcement of their Transcend GPS Ski goggles which are scheduled to hit shelves later next year.

Barring any sudden moves from other competing optics brands, the Transcend GPS goggles should be the first goggles to feature direct to eye GPS communication and information. That means relevant data like: altitude, speed, temperature, location, distance traveled, and time, should all be easily accessed by a skier or snowboarder and displayed directly in the goggles. Since all the tech is integrated into the googles, this tricked out set is still compatible with helmets and permanent anti-fog coatings, meaning it doesn’t slack on basic needs for the sake of technology either.

Rest assured, we’ll be following up with more information once it gets closer to launch time but you can actually pre-order a set if it sounds too cool to pass up. Meanwhile all of you hackers in the audience should start tackling how to get Gear Patrol to display inside as well.

[Via Besportier]

Buy Now: $350

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