This Week in Tech and Science: December 29, 2015

Samsung’s need for software, The Beatles are now streaming, Google’s password plan and more.


Samsung’s need for software, The Beatles are now streaming, Google’s password plan and more.

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Valve Peekaboo

On Christmas Day, a “caching issue” allowed some Steam users to peek into profiles of other Steam users, which struck many as a bit too generous despite it being the holiday season.

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Samsung’s Software Slump

Reports from a host of former and current Samsung employees suggest that its mobile troubles may be caused by leadership’s focus on hardware and relative indifference to software.

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Asus’ AdBlock Advocacy

Asus announced that its forthcoming laptops and smartphones will include its own branded browser with AdBlock enabled by default, which could cause a seismic shift in how brands advertise (if the approach is mimicked by others).

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Beatles: Now Streaming

After what feels like an age, The Beatles’ catalog of music has finally been published to the world’s most notable streaming services. As if Adele and Taylor Swift now have any excuse whatsoever.

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Flytenow Down

The Lyft of the skies, Flytenow, has been forced to shut down after the FAA ruled that flight-sharing services must use pilots with commercial licenses.

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Reviews and Guides

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Home Media How To

Given that the weather probably has you stuck inside, we’ve outlined a plan for perfecting the home entertainment center. Read the Review

Killer Queen Is Changing Gaming

Looking to relive the arcade glory days? Check out our review of Killer Queen. Read the Review

Noteworthy Reads

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Google is apparently testing a system that would use one’s phone in place of passwords — a system that cannot possibly come soon enough.

The FAA’s drone registration site is now live, and if you own a drone, you’re supposed to register or risk being fined. Bah humbug.

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