This Week in Tech and Science: January 13, 2016

NYC subways get wi-fi, YouTube gets 4K HDR, San Francisco’s taxis get the boot and more.


NYC subways get wi-fi, YouTube gets 4K HDR, San Francisco’s taxis get the boot and more.

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Mobile Gaming Rig, Redefined

Rather than splurging on a brick of a laptop to game on the go, Razer is selling a separate GPU enclosure to accompany its svelte Stealth Ultrabook. Bring it when you’re gaming, and leave it when you’re working.

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The US Broadband Gap

Despite some of its cities having Google Fiber, the US as a whole still includes some 34 million people that lack access to fixed broadband at the FCC’s standard of 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up. Also, how much longer are we going to disrespect the upstream connection?

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HDR and 360 Videos Coming to YouTube

During CES last week, YouTube announced a partnership with GoPro that’ll see 360-degree video support and 4K HDR compatibility come to the service later this year.

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NYC Subways Coming Online

Every last one of NYC’s underground subway stations is slated to have wi-fi by the end of this year, along with a contactless payment system by the end of 2018.

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Uber’s Impact on San Francisco’s Taxis

Uber and Lyft sparked a ride-sharing revolution in San Francisco and, in just a few short years, have pushed the city’s largest taxi company (Yellow Cab) “towards filing for bankruptcy.”

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Reviews and Guides

Advice from the Crew

Oculus Rift Now Available to Pre-Order

We sat down for 10 glorious minutes with a final, consumer-ready Oculus Rift this past week. In news that could be filed as “direct related,” we’re now $599 lighter. Read the Review

CES 2016: What You Need to Know

We conquered the long, crowded halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center so you didn’t have to, and came away with a guide to understanding the new kit that matters most. Read the Review

Noteworthy Reads

Stories from Around the Web

Netflix just went (nearly) global, announcing streaming support in 190 countries and in 21 languages.

Though it’s just a rumor, proven sources are pointing to an iPhone 7 that lacks a headphone jack. The upside is that a phone with fewer ports is far easier to waterproof.

After being acquired by Lenovo, the Motorola name will be phased out. Going forward, new phones will show “Moto by Lenovo” — a far more terrible label — instead.

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