Sony Water-Resistant Walkman NWZ-W250

Wire-Free, Water-Resistant, Wear-Able


Nope, no tape players here. The Sony Walkman NWZ-W250 ($60) is a wireless, water-resistant player specifically designed for those who need to be hands-free, literally. Looking at you fellow all-weather runners. Before you yawn at the thought of another Walkman, take a look a the specs. Quickcharge (3 mins gets you 90), 11 hour play time, 2GB (a 4GB is available) capacity for 450 or so songs, playlist support with jog/skip lever, and Zappin one-touch song search technology that lets you quickly find music by playing snippets of each. The frame is lightweight, resting on your head comfortably and securely, even for guys with Ussain Bolt aspirations. We found the sound to be typical Sony Walkman-style, which means an emphasis on clarity and bass utilizing a 13.5mm EX in-ear headphone style driver. These won’t replace your AKGs or B&W’s, but you can’t run in the rain or take a shower in those either. Charging stand included.

More photos and specs after the jump.

Buy Now: $60

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