Sony Sports W Series Waterproof MP3

Aquaman's Walkman
This ain't your father's Walkman. | Sony

It’s widely known that swimmers and rainy weather joggers (and really all audiophiles hindered by humidity) are more than a little jealous of the ease with which their fellow athletes can take in tunes while exercising. Sony’s whipped up the next in their line of wet-weather answers: the Sports W Series Waterproof MP3 Player, a wireless headphone/MP3-player that can be fully submerged in 2 meters of water. The Sports W Series is made for people on the move; accordingly, the device can be quick-charged for an hour’s worth of playback in just 3 minutes time. (A full charge provides 8 hours of playback.)

Using the Sports W Series is easy as dragging and dropping any MP3, WMA, AAC, or L-PCM file from your computer and/or preferred media player once it’s connected via the included USB cable (also the charger). Ready-made playlists will transfer intact, and shuffle mode… well, you know. Sony’s Clear Audio Technology delivers rich sound, while the device’s 1.1-ounce weight means fit and comfort. In all, 4GB of storage is available, and users can easily navigate between songs or playlists with simple tap and tap-and-hold gestures. There’s no pricing as of yet, and Sony promises they’ll be available “soon”.

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