With SAGE by Hughes, Home Security Is as Easy as Watching TV

Home improvements with no construction required.

Kayla Ramsey

A smart home and a safe home are one and the same.

Read that again, because it’s a truth that more need to adopt. In the age of smart communication, there’s no excuse not to have basic safety needs handled by a smartphone and connected gadgets. And with SAGE™ by Hughes™, that setup is at its best.

Launched in March 2016, SAGE works similarly to other smart security systems (e.g., Canary, Nest and Netatmo Welcome), meaning it can be operated via a companion app. But SAGE differs from the others in several key ways. For starters, it can be operated with a smartphone, tablet and television, which is most profound.

The system’s nucleus is the SAGE Hub, a cable box look-alike that connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi and, via HDMI, to your TV. It also works with a litany of SAGE’s compatible devices, ranging from home surveillance cameras to deadbolt locks and door/window sensors.

At its core, SAGE is a self-monitored security system. It sends you push notifications of the happenings around your home—whether you’re there or not. If somebody rings the doorbell while you’re watching TV, you can see who it is (via picture-in-picture) without having to pause Game of Thrones. If the window’s motion sensor gets tripped, you’ll know about it. SAGE also promises multiple levels of encryption and data security to keep smart home hackers at bay.

The heart of the SAGE Home Security System is the SAGE Hub, which turns your TV into the central control center.

What also separates SAGE from other like-minded systems is its MyLocal911™ feature, which allows you to contact emergency responders near your home instantly—no matter where you are—with a touch of an in-app button. When pressed, the authorities will know exactly where the emergency is (your home), even if you’re out of town. Because dialing 911 in a different city contacts only that city’s emergency responders, MyLocal911 provides an invaluable service if there’s a situation at your home while you’re away.

Beyond security, the SAGE system is designed to be fully integrated into other aspects of your home—lights, doors, appliance outlets and thermostats. The connectedness aims for convenience and saving money. Forget to shut off the lights, coffee maker or TV? You can do that from the app. Want to view your security camera feeds? Same thing. Also, SAGE is compatible with any of the extremely innovative Nest devices—thermostat, security cameras and smoke/CO alarm, which is huge. Now your already-connected home can take the next big step in perfecting the smart home ecosystem.

As all homes are different, each SAGE system can be completely customized for different needs. To get started, SAGE offers three different kits, starting at $199 per month, that specialize in the basics, security or automation. Each system can grow organically from there—adding multiple cameras, sensors, smart outlets or anything else.

It turns out that integrating a powerful and easy-to-use smart security system into your home isn’t only possible—it’s probably more affordable than what you’re currently paying for.

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