Freitag F23 iPad Sleeve

A Personalized Accessory That's Rugged and Green


Fed up with only having leather, neoprene, or microfiber material options when it comes to protecting your iPad? Then perhaps you’d prefer the used truck tarpaulin found in Freitag’s F23 iPad sleeve ($80). Like all Freitag bags, these sleeves are made from original trucking tarpaulins that very in color, markings, and contours. Do to the variation in this material, no bag is exactly a like, making every iPad sleeve they sell a one-off of sorts. Don’t worry about your screen getting destroyed for the sake of recycling or style though. That’s because the interior features a velvety lining for protection that also has the added benefit of removing the armada of finger prints you leave on your new fangled tablet on a regular basis. An easy pull strap also makes removing your iPad from its protective sheath quick and painless. The downside is that these personalized and green accessories won’t be hitting shelves until August. If you’re already sold on their appeal, you can follow the instructions on the site to sign up for the preferred pad list.

Buy now: $80

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