The Weirdest Cameras and Lenses You Can Buy

Old school is less old fashioned than you think.


The first instant photo was taken by Polaroid founder Edwin Land in 1947. Since then, personal photography has evolved — and taken some weird turns along the way. The cameras, lenses and shooting styles below are prime examples.

22 Best Vintage Cameras to Buy

The equipment you use says just as much about your craft as your subject or the developed, framed end product. So here’s our help: a short list of cult vintage shooters.

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7 Vintage Lenses for Your Nikon DSLR

Many vintage lenses still work with modern Nikon DSLR’s, and they can be had for a fraction of the price of new lenses.

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8 Bizarre Digital Cameras Worth Owning

From cameras with multiple lenses to one with a built-in digital projector, these are the most unique digital cameras available.

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A 19th-Century Version of a Polaroid

Before the Polaroid, there was tintype photography. And the Penumbra Foundation is one of the few places keeping the tintype process alive.

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The Best Digital Camera You Can Buy Is 50 Years Old

The Hasselblad CFV-50c is a 50MP medium-format digital sensor attached to a camera that was first manufactured in 1957. It costs $15,000. We took it out on a field trip.

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$6,000 for a Digital Camera with No Screen?

We review the Leica M-D, a camera that merges the convenience of digital photography and the serenity of shooting film.

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The Camera That Is Bringing Polaroid Instant Film Back to Life

The instant camera is back.

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