One Remote to Rule Them All

No more flipping between apps; just point and click.


Smart homes are here. Televisions, lights, speakers, thermostats, fans, curtains, indoor security cameras, door locks — nearly everything can be controlled via smartphone. The problem, however, is there are so many smart devices to choose from, and firing up every smartphone companion app becomes arduous. Plus, most of us still have a bunch of pre-smart home technology products in our homes, each requiring its own means of control. Fortunately, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote — winner of Most Innovative Product in the Smart Home category at CES 2017 — solves all of those compatibility problems because it works with nearly every device in your house.

The universal remote can control any device that’s connected via wi-fi, Bluetooth or infrared (like a traditional TV remote). To control a device, just point the remote at it. It’s that simple. The first-of-its-kind remote uses an indoor positioning system (sensors placed around the room) to know exactly where the remote is pointing. The remote also has a high-definition touchscreen display that shows which device it’s controlling — don’t worry about any “I turned on the TV when I wanted to turn off the lights” mix-ups.


So far, the remote is compatible with over 25,000 devices, and the startup promises that that number will continue to grow. It works with Smart TVs from companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio (and lots of non-smart TVs too); popular cable boxes like Comcast Xfinity, Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner and more; media players like Apple TV, Roku and Tivo; and lots of other smart home stuff like Philips Hue and LIFX smart lights, Sonos and Bose speakers, Nest Thermostat and SmartThings. You can even point to your door to order an Uber or Lyft pick-up.

The true beauty of this remote is twofold. First, it controls all of your devices with a single remote, and it’s intuitive enough that non-tech-savvy guests — e.g., parents or grandparents — will be able to figure it out easily. More importantly, though, the remote allows you to separate yourself completely from your smartphone and still maintain control over all your devices. Texts, calls and social media don’t have to interrupt your downtime, even if it’s just for an hour.

The Smart Remote is available for pre-order and is expected to start shipping in June 2017.

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