Tell Friends You’re Safe with Google Trusted Contacts

Available on Android now, and iOS in the near future.


Google just launched Trusted Contacts, an app that lets you share your location with loved ones even if your phone is out of reach or offline. To use it, simply pick out your “trusted contacts,” and they will be able to see if you are online. They can then request your exact location, which you can give freely or deny. (Denying also lets them know that you’re safe, even if you don’t share where you are.) If you do not respond within five minutes, the app shares your location with that contact — or, if your phone is offline, your last known location.

The app is ideal for parents who want to know that their children are safe, or if they are where they say they are. It’s not failproof, however. Users can change their trusted contacts or stop sharing their location whenever they want. On a different note, the app could also help you find a misplaced phone, provided you’re with one of your selected trusted contacts.

The app is available on Android. Google says it will come to iOS soon.

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