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MS & Co. Selvedge Denim Sleeve Collection

Because Details Make The Man


Image, courtesy of our friend, photographer and fashion blogger William Yan. Be sure to check out his site: williamyan.com.

If we’ve learned anything from our investigations of the world of men’s style — it’s that the details leave the most lasting impressions. That doesn’t mean simply going against the grain is a golden ticket to fashion accolades, though. Instead it’s an exercise in sharp-eyed refinement. While we could spend days discussing the ways one can hone this aspect of his life, think of these selvedge sleeves from MS & Co. ($28-$65) as a quick and easy short cut. Created to sheath everything the modern man is likely to keep around like the iPhone and iPad, to trusty Field Notes, a passport, or glasses, they’re an excellent set of accessories that provide both protection and distinction. Made from raw Selvedge denim sourced from the historic White Oak Plant, they’re surprisingly prone to garnering attention despite their subtle design. In fact, after receiving review samples from the line and spending some time to assess the quality of their manufacturing, we were overwhelmed by the response they received from those who caught a glimpse as one or more emerged from our pockets or bags. For instance, the image snapped above was actually taken as the result of an impromptu photo shoot at the Pop Up Flea after several writers and booth clerks spied them and wanted to know more.

For our full thoughts and a photo of the complete line, keep reading.

In terms of the iPhone and iPad version, the simple fact that they both match shouldn’t be overlooked. For those of you who lean toward the OCD side, the satisfaction of arriving to a business meeting and laying both devices on the table, wrapped in an eye-pleasing dark denim, is hard to quantify. While we were initially worried about indigo bleeding onto our hands — or worse our gadgets — to date, the coloring has held strong and proved to be a pointless concern. On the fit side, both sleeves provide enough room to easily pull the iPhone or iPad out of the case when needed. We were slightly miffed to see a tiny sliver of the top of the iPhone protrude from the sleeve top though, but we concede this slightly shorter measurement may be a necessary evil to help make pulling the phone out easier. Similarly, we did find the iPad case to be slightly loose (to the point where holding the case upside down would cause the iPad to fall out). This is a minor nitpick though, and the inclusion of heather gray milton wool lining in the iPad case went a long way in easing our protection concerns.

We also had the chance to evaluate the Field Notes Sleeve, which admittedly is far less critical, but still great to have if you like keeping a notebook around. The same thing holds true for the Passport Sleeve. The Glasses Case, on the other hand, provides a bit more utility for the buck and is a more justifiable purchase for those who wear spectacles or can’t part from their shades. If you’re really interested in splurging though, owning the set is definitely a luxurious gift you’re bound to smile at anytime you’re on the go.

MS & Co Denim Sleeve Line Up

Buy Now: iPad/iPhone Combo ($65) | iPad ($48) | Glasses Case ($38) | Field Notes Sleeve ($30) | iPhone 3G or 4 Sleeve ($28)

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