You Could Own the Hoverboard from ‘Back to the Future: Part II’

Also up for auction: a piece of the Death Star.

Universal Studios

You have two days to save your pennies for another childhood dream come true: the hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II is up for auction. Yes, that same pink, yellow and green icon of 1989 that Michael J. Fox jacks from an unwitting little girl and races through the streets. The starting bid was $3,000; it now sits at $6,200. (Which is roughly $3,156 in 1989 money, if your inner child is still in there and still curious.), a digital auction house specializing in “coin auctions, vintage collectibles, gaming memorabilia, collectible firearms, movie props and original set costumes,” is putting the board up alongside several other pieces both real and replicated, including Doc Brown’s Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor and the other hoverboard from BttF2, the Pit Bull. Surprisingly, weeks ago someone bid on the Pit Bull before the Mattel board had a single bid, which either means (a) someone really misread that scene with the reflecting pool, or (b) Mr. 305 has a seriously throwback-y music video in the works.

Some other notable auction items include:

  • The “Enchantment Under the Sea” banner from the prom scene in the first BttF
  • A piece of the Death Star (seriously)
  • Data’s isolinear optical chip from Star Trek
  • A gold cubit from Battlestar Galactica
  • An original Bozo the Clown costume (which is faded enough to look especially creepy)

    Bozo notwithstanding, the current offerings skew heavily sci-fi, so you’re in luck if that happens to be your jam. Happy bidding.

    BID NOW: $6,200

    Editor’s Note: The price listed reflects the bid at the time of publishing.

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