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The Next Generation Xbox Finally Has a Price — And a Subscription Plan

The next era of Xbox is available for $25 a month with hundreds of games, if that's how you want to pay.

xbox series x

Microsoft first announced the Xbox Series X, its next-generation console, almost a year ago in late 2019, but it left out some vital details. But now, after a few leaks, Microsoft has finally confirmed the price and release date of the Series X as well as a whole second console: the Series S.

After masterfully leaning into leaked details on Twitter, Microsoft has announced both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will be available for pre-order on September 22, with them officially launching about six weeks later on November 10. The Xbox Series X will cost $499, while the Xbox Series S will cost $299.

The main difference between the two next-gen consoles is power and graphics. The Xbox Series X is optimized for 4K TVs and is capable of up to 8K resolution, while the Xbox Series S is supports a 1440p picture (with 4K upscaling) instead of native 4K. Both next-gen consoles support up to 120 frames per second for gaming. The Xbox Series S will be a digital-only model.

In addition, Microsoft is expanding its suite of subscription services, following its great success with the all-you-can-eat Xbox Game Pass. Both Xboxes will be available through a monthly plan that includes the hardware and a subscription to Game Pass, offering hundreds of games. The Xbox Series S will be $25 per month for two years, while the Series X will be $35 per month for two years.

The launch of these new consoles marks the end of the current Xbox One S and Xbox One X, but Microsoft says that its first-party games will also be available on the older consoles for "a couple of years," though obviously not at the full quality they'll run on the newer consoles. But with monthly subscription plans, it won't be hard to upgrade if that ends up being a deal breaker.

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