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LG's New "Wing" Phone Is the Zaniest Take on Dual Screens Yet

The LG Wing is a wild dual-screen smartphone that's unlike anything we've seen before.

lg wing

LG's latest phone is the Wing and it has a dual-screen, but it's very different from Microsoft's Surface Duo and Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Instead of having dual screens that fold inward on each other like a book or a laptop, the Wing's dual screens rest on top of each other, with the top screen able to swivel horizontally to give you a T-shaped smartphone. It looks, well, kind of like a wing.

When held normally — or vertically — the Wing looks and feels like normal-but-maybe-slightly-thicker smartphone. It has a 6.8-inch main display that is near bezel-less and doesn't have a notch, while the second 3.9-inch display rests underneath the main screen. The main display is then able to swivel to give you a view of both screens. It's a form-factor we've never seen in a smartphone, but is reminiscent of The Sero, Samsung's vertical TV that was announced at CES earlier this year. LG is calling this deal-screen mode, "swivel mode."

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In addition to giving you more viewable screen real-estate LG is pitching the Wing as a way to multi-task. You can watch a show on the main screen, while using the second display to read text messages or follow a map's directions, for example. Or you could be playing a mobile game on the main screen while scrolling through your email or Twitter.

The other neat thing about the LG wing has to do with its cameras. It actually has a pop-up front-facing camera that, yes, pops out of seemingly nowhere when you want to take a selfie or video call somebody. On the back, the Wing has a triple camera system with a 64-megapixel main lens and two ultra-wide lenses.

Despite the announcement, it's unlikely that you'll see a Wing out in the wild in the near future. These innovative dual-screen and foldable phones are typically produced in pretty small number to begin with, but LG has yet to reveal the price or the exact release date of the Wing.

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