You're Using It Wrong: 5 Things You Should Already Be Doing With Your Phone

You're already using it a ton, might as well use it well.

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Gear Patrol

We all know how to use a smartphone. It's simple right? Maybe not quite as simple as you think! If you want to get the most out of your phone (and help it last through the day and through the years), there are some default settings (and behaviors) you should change.

4 Mistakes You're Making When You Charge Your Phone

Hunter Kelley

Keeping your gadgets charged is easy in the short term. Just keep an eye on their battery level and plug them into the wall when it gets low. But keeping your gadgets’ batteries healthy in the long run is a much more complicated proposition. The lithium-ion batteries we have in virtually all of our gadgets are chemically destined to degrade over time, holding less charge than they used to, and blowing through what little they have faster then before. It’s impossible to stop this process, but it is possible to slow it.

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How to Break Free from Your Phone


How much time do you waste looking at your smartphone each day? One hour? Maybe two? Even more? Tech companies have become increasingly aware that they need to help curb screen addiction before all our brains liquefy. With the built-in measures to stem these gadgets’ addictive nature and some committed mindfulness on your part, it is possible to start breaking free. Here’s some help.

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The App Gives Me Precious Extra Time Every Morning

Sleep As Android

I would not consider myself a natural morning person by any means, but yet I have managed to slap an extra hour onto the front of my day for the past two months by waking up at 6 AM every single day even though working from home means I don’t have to commute. Even on the weekends. I wouldn’t say it’s been easy or pleasant — especially not for those first few minutes — but I’ve been able to stick to it without fail thanks to the help of a simple app.

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8 Settings to Change on Your Smartphone, Right Now

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Henry Phillips

Leaving your phone set up exactly the way it was when you got it out of the box is one option, sure — but you’re missing out on a host of little tweaks and reconfigurations that could make your mobile phone more productive (and enjoyable) to use. Here are a handful of the settings you should go about changing right away.

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The Most Important App You Don't Have on Your Phone (Yet)


At this point, I hope you know that two-factor authentication (2FA) is an absolute must to stay safe on the internet. By setting your accounts to require an extra, time-sensitive code when you login, you’re protecting yourself from the constant and increasing scourge of widespread password leaks.

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