Stay Stress Free, Even If You Drop Your Phone

Scared of heights? Well, you're phone isn't with a Survivor Endurance Case.

survivor endurance case

Let’s be honest. These days, we’ve got a lot on our minds to worry about. But one aspect that should feel completely stress-free and reliable are our devices — especially if you’ve gotten your hands on the latest iPhone. Survivor recently launched the Endurance collection — all new cases for the iPhone 12 Series that are built to tackle life’s challenges. The cases are designed with an anytime and anywhere mentality and are a combination of smart design and modern technologies — giving them an integrity that very few cases can match. The Survivor Endurance fits comfortably and firmly in your hand, featuring grip-enhancing tech. And if you happen to drop your beloved phone, you can rest easy knowing that the case will protect it from heights up to fourteen feet. It may sound like the case would be bulky or hefty, but the Endurance cases feature a slim silhouette. So if you’re looking for a case that prepares you for anything, check out the Survivor Endurance — now available at Verizon.

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