Cocoon Tribeca Digital SLR Sling

Protection, Minus the Bulk


Toting around your SLR, a couple of lenses and the multitude of other accessories you need to get your Terry Richardson on can be a bulky proposition. The Cocoon Tribeca ($50) aims to ease your pain. The bag features two main compartments, one for your DSLR and a second to hold up to two additional pieces of glass. Each compartment also features small accessory pockets for stashing memory cards, lens caps and other equipment that’s ripe for loss. In addition there’s a flat pocket that holds a “Grid-It!” Organizer, which allows you to manage any cords or additional gear that could otherwise wind up in a rat’s nest. After using the Tribeca extensively of late we came away pretty impressed. It’s light, low profile, and very comfortable for a camera bag due to its sling pack set-up. The Cordura-esque fabric it’s constructed from is water resistant (and snow proof) which is a a must for any good camera bag. If you’re looking for a lean way to carry your kit, then give the Tribeca a hard look.

Buy Now: $50

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