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Apple Made a Website to Help iPhone 7 Owners Take Better Photos

Learn how to shoot without flash, take better portraits, improve your action shots and more.


Apple wants iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owners to take better photos, so the company just launched a dedicated page to teach them how. Starting today, you’ll find 16 short how-to videos on Apple’s website: everything from taking better portraits to shooting action shots, shooting without flash and much more. There are also more specialized guides on, for instance, how to shoot a one-handed selfie. A few of the how-to videos are already uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel. Many of these how-to guides will be relevant for people with older iPhones, too, but those phones won’t have newer features like Portrait mode, advanced optical image stabilization and Quad-LED True Tone flash. You can watch the videos, here, or you can read favorite tips from the series below.

How to shoot a great portrait. Launch your camera and swipe to Portrait mode. > Wait for the “depth effect” cue to appear — usually when the subject is within 8 feet of your camera. > Shoot your photo. Watch the Video

How to shoot without flash. Find a light source. > Turn off the flash. > Tap the display on the subject and slide to set exposure. > Shoot your photo. Watch the Video

How to shoot an action shot. Hold shutter button to activate Burst mode, continuously capturing 10 photos per second. > Access your Photos album. > Select your favorite shot from the Burst mode photo collection. Watch the Video

How to shoot stills while filming. Switch to video mode. > Start filming. > Tap the white shutter button to capture a photo while recording.

How to shoot a backlit subject. Turn on HDR for better highlights and shadows. > Lock focus by pressing and holding anywhere on the display. > Tap the display and slide to lower exposure. > Shoot your photo.

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