Using Google Chrome? You Should Be Grouping Your Tabs

Here's how it works.


If you use Chrome as your default web browser (like so people do) and you're somebody who constantly has too many tabs open at one time (like so many people do), there's a neat feature called Tab Groups that's designed to help you stay better organized. It essentially lets you organize your tabs like a color-coded filing system.

Tab Groups isn't a super complicated feature, but it is really helpful. It allows you to group tabs together and organize them by color, custom group name or even an emoji. This is helpful in case you're researching a specific topic or you're prioritizing specific tabs to focus on. It basically solves the problem of opening several different windows as a way to organizing your tabs.

How to make a Tab Group

• Right-click on a tab in your Chrome browser.
• Select "Add Tab to Group" in the drop-down menu.
• Type the group name and select the color you want the group organized by.

After you've created a tab group from a single tab, you can then right-click on any other tab and add to that specific tab group. Or you can create a new tab group by following the above steps and using a new name and selecting a new color.

Some quick Tab Group hints

Once you've created one or more tab groups, they're really easy to use.

• You can move entire tab groups within your web browser just by drag-and-dropping.
• You can minimize entire tab groups by simply clicking on the color circle at the beginning of the tab group; this is great because it declutters your browser window.
• You can easily ungroup a tab from a tab group by right-clicking "Remove from Group."
• And you can delete entire tab groups by right-clicking on the name of the tab group (or the first color icon) and selecting "Ungroup."


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