This Electric Scooter May Change the Way You Get Around

Unagi's Model One is premium, portable and powerful.

man holding unagi electric scooter

Talking Points:

Unagi Model One Scooter

Forget the days of navigating the scooter rental market. With Unagi's Model One, you can forget the convoluted apps, time limits and less-than-high performance. In fact, the Model One will likely transform how you get around town with this lightweight, sleek and powerful package. It features an integrated command center that provides the user access instant power and torque — there is no hill or obstacle you can't conquer on this scooter. The Model One is one of the most portable scooters on the market at a fraction of the price of other modes of transportation.

unagi black electric scooter
unagi electric scooter detail

One-Click Folding

The scooter's lightweight frame folds and locks in one smooth and satisfying click — allowing for easy carrying and ultimate portability. It's no wonder it is one of the most portable scooters out there.

Conquer Your Terrain

With a max speed of 20mph, the Model One is anything but slow. The scooter includes a dual motor, which offers plenty of torque and puts out 1,000 watts at max power to handle hilly terrain.

Safe Braking

The Model One offers anti-lock electronic braking, to be sure you can stop on a dime if needed. But in addition to the electronic brakes, it also offers a traditional foot brake for added comfort.

Price: $990


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