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The Gear We’re Testing This Week

The new Microsoft Surface Pro, $36 wireless sports headphones and more.


Welcome to the latest installment of Staff Picks. Each week, we’ll tell you about the tech we’re currently testing — everything from cameras to hi-fi headphones, extremely large desktop monitors to smart home appliances — as well as the grail items we wish we could buy. For our last selections, visit here.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless

The best wireless sport headphones cost between $120 and $200. At just $36, these are way more of a bargin. I’ve been running with them for the past week, and they sound on par with my usually Jabra’s (specifically, the $160 Jabra Sport Pulse SE.) For me, the fit wasn’t as good, but they do, like all in-ear headphones, come with several earbud and wing sizes. They aren’t most beautiful sports headphones, and there’s no companion app for coaching or adjusting EQ levels, but if you just want some sweatproof buds to blast tunes when you run, these are as affordable as it’s gonna get. Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $36

Microsoft Surface Pro

If you were a fan of the Surface Pro 4 — or even if you weren’t — the Microsoft’s 2017 Surface Pro is big upgrade that’s worth your attention. Yes, the outside looks very familiar, but the internal upgrades are where it really matters. The new Surface Pro has a 50 percent better battery, better graphics, and one of Intel’s prem-o Kaby Lake processors. The stylus is way more sensitive, too. Plus, it’s compatible with the Surface Dial, assuming you have one with your Surface Studio. I’m been using this 2-in-1 for the last week — Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB ($2,199) — and it feels every bit as capable as my 2016 MacBook Pro. And just a little more versatile. Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $2,199

Yevo 1 by Yevo Labs

I love my AirPods. Not because of their W1 chip — though, that’s nice — but because I feel like I never have to charge them: housed in the charging case, you can go over 24 hours before you need to touch a charging cord. With the Yevo 1, the idea is the same: they live in a charging case and sound very good. They’re $249, which is super expensive for what they are. However, they’re meant as sort of a style accessory, or so I’m told. Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer

Buy Now: $249

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