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That Brand That Makes All Those Spare Phone Batteries Is Now Making Headphones

Anker is going from USB accessories to AirPod-killers that work with every smart assistant.


Anker — best known for high-quality USB accessories like portable power banks, wall chargers and cables — has started a new smart audio brand named Zolo. The company’s first product, the Zolo Liberty+, is a pair of wire-free earphones, similar to the Samsung Gear IconX or Apple AirPods, that will be compatible with any smart assistant: Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Smart Assistant and Cortana. If it’s done successfully, this will be a first for wire-free earbuds.

The Zolo Liberty+ earphones are sweatproof (IPX5) and have a built-in wingtip design to make sure they stay in your ear. Each bud promises 3.5 hours of playtime; the charging case ensures a whopping 48 hours of total playtime before needing another charge. The buds look similar to the Gear IconX ($200), yet they cost a chunk less.

But, there’s a catch: the Zolo Liberty+ is a Kickstarter baby. Order now and you’ll get them for $79 — but they won’t ship until October. Retail cost will be $150.

All in all, we’re excited to see what Zolo brings to the audio market. As for its maiden pair of headphones, however, you need to ask yourself: Is the affordability and the configuration worth the four-month wait? The AirPods only have a six-week online shipping time. Not that that’s great, but — just saying.

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