McIntosh’s Most Powerful Integrated Amp Ever

For the audiophile purist.


McIntosh’s amps and preamps are adored by audiophiles, with their signature knobs, glowing blue meters and overall retro-futurist appeal (not to mention superb sound). The 70-year-old audio company just announced the MA9000 — its largest and most powerful integrated amp ever, built in the same vein. The MA9000 pushes 300 watts per channel and has “enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeakers,” according to McIntosh.

Additionally, the MA9000 has a 32-bit built-in DAC, an integrated headphone amp and ten analog connections (so you’ll be able to integrate it with the system you already have.) It supports high-resolution DSD256 and DXD 384kHz files. If you’re in the market for an integrated amp to complete your home hi-fi system, or you just want to upgrade, the MA9000 is available to order now — for $10,500 — and will ship later in July.

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