Sony’s First Smart Speaker Is a HomePod Doppelganger

The LF-S50G Wireless Speaker will be available in October and will cost $200.


The wireless smart speaker market is getting increasingly crowded, with the latest big-named player to enter the game being Sony. At IFA, the company announced the LF-S50G wireless speaker ($200), which looks very similar to Apple’s still-not-here HomePod. Instead of working with Siri, however, the LF-S50G is a Google Assistant-enabled speaker and works nearly identically as Google Home: to grab its attention, say “Hey Google” or “OK Google.”

If you don’t want to use your voice, the LF-S50G also supports non-touch hand gestures to start/stop music, skipping tracks and adjust the volume — just wave your hand next to the speaker. The LF-S50G can link up with other Chromecast-enabled speakers, making it an easy addition to your multi-room speaker system. You can also pair with the speaker via Bluetooth, as well.

The LF-S50G smart speaker is a 360-degree speaker, just the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. What sets it apart, according to Sony, is its sound quality. According to Sony, the LF-S50G has two full-range speakers that clearly reproduce vocal and treble notes, and a dedicated subwoofer.

Additionally, the LF-S50G has a couple other neat features. It has a splash-proof design (IPX3) with a water repellant surface. And if its fabric grille gets dirty or smelly, you can take it off and wash it. The LF-S50G also has an always-on clock that’s embedded in its fabric.

The LF-S50G Wireless Speaker will be available in October and cost $200.

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