Color for iPhone and Android

It Could Change Everything


Imagine walking into your favorite dive bar, opening an app, and viewing all of the photos you’ve taken within 150 ft of that location with your buddies over the years, along with shots snapped by other patrons who were willing to share. Now imagine if you could see that kind of photographic record everywhere you went. Finally, think about seeing shared photo albums of other app users within 150ft of you, whether they’re attached to a place or not. Those are the ideas behind Color. They’re pretty radical, and could fundamentally change the way we see the world, by providing a social, and eventually a historical lens for the places and people you interact with. Grandiose concepts aside, the application has generated plenty of launch buzz mainly because it’s founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, including Bill Ngyuen who started the online music service Lala which Apple purchased. The company had also raised $41 million dollars in venture funding from top tiered firms before it even launched. Color’s business pedigree, however, will have little impact on determining its success. Instead, that will depend on participation from people like you. We definitely see the value in it, and will be giving the app a whirl over the next few weeks — or as long as we can keep our paranoid side’s cries of thoughtlessly contributing to a global surveillance state muffled.

Editor’s Note: If you care to join in on our little experiment, we’re the ones posting under “gearpatrol”. We promise to share more than just shots of us hunched over a computer typing.

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