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This Is the Best All-Around MagSafe Charger You Can Buy

Want to charge your iPhone (and maybe an Apple Watch, too) with ease and speed? Here's your answer.

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Tucker Bowe

If you're looking for a wireless charger for your new iPhone and you want something a little more "sophisticated" than the MagSafe Charger ($39), which is the basic MagSafe charger that Apple makes, then I suggest getting the MagSafe Duo. It's the best MagSafe charger that I've tested thus far.

Before going any further, however, there's something you have to understand about the MagSafe Duo: it's more expensive than it probably should be. It costs $129, and that price doesn't come with the necessary 20-watt USB-C wall adapter ($19) that's needed to fast-charge your new iPhone. That means that the MagSafe is going to cost you $148 all-told.

But I guarantee that if you do go with the MagSafe Duo, you're not going to regret it.

tech roundup
The MagSafe Duo is a 2-in-1 wireless charger. It has MagSafe wireless charging pad your iPhone or AirPods, and a charging puck for your Apple Watch.
Tucker Bowe

The MagSafe Duo does what any true MagSafe charger (of which there are surprisingly few) does: it wirelessly charges an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 at 15 watts, which is twice as fast as any other wireless charger. But it's unique: it's the only MagSafe charger that uses a Lightning port, which might not seem like a huge deal, but actually makes it a great alternative to wired charging for anybody wanting to charge their iPhone reasonably fast.

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The MagSafe Duo has a neat foldable design making easy to pack up and take with you on your travels.
Tucker Bowe

The MagSafe Duo is also ideal for people who have multiple Apple devices. The most recent AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro all support MagSafe charging, meaning they magnetically click into place so you can be more confident in their charging. And it has a separate puck for your Apple Watch, which you can simultaneously charge with your iPhone. Obviously, this means that it makes sense to have an Apple Watch if you want to justify the steep price of the MagSafe Duo.

And finally, the MagSafe Duo has a unique super-foldable design that packs up into a thin wallet-like shape, making it a perfect travel companion. Of course, most of us aren't traveling as much as we used these days, meaning that the MagSafe Duo is likely to spend most of its days on your desk or nightstand — and that's actually where I think it excels the best.

tech roundup
The AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro come with a MagSafe charging case. You stick it on the pad and it magnetically snaps into place. No need to try and find the "sweet spot" for charging.
Tucker Bowe

This is one of the very few two-in-one watch-and-phone MagSafe chargers that can lie flat. Many of today's third-party MagSafe chargers, like this Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger, stand up tall and take up a lot of desk space; meanwhile, I can slide the MagSafe Duo under my monitor to declutter my space. It can even fold up into a sandwich shape, so that it takes up even less space — yet can still wirelessly charge an iPhone. And there's an aesthetic appeal to it, too; it's made of softer rubber material which, for whatever reason, I find tactilely appealing.

Yes, I wish that the MagSafe Duo was more affordable. Yes, I wish it came with the necessary wall adapter in the box. And yes, I wish it came in a space gray or black color so that it matched my keyboard, mouse and iPhone. But I've had it for over a year and I've tried half a dozen alternative MagSafe chargers. And I keep coming back to it.


Apple MagSafe Duo


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