Blumenstein Ultra Fi Orca Speaker

Slow Speaker Movement


The result of four years of R&D, the handmade all-wood Blumenstein Ultra Fi Orca Speakers ($550) are designed with a singular purpose: deliver bone-tingling sonics from a bookshelf speaker without a wallet annihilating price. Hi-Fi buffs (and common sense) will tell you that one of the best ways to make this happen is to reduce the number of components for maximum efficiency and utilizing top grade parts where you do need them. Here, the Orcas deliver. Built around a paper cone Fostex full range driver made from banana plant fibers and a speaker cabinet made from hand-finished 12mm Birch plywood, the amount of sound these speakers produce belie their size. Just don’t forget to use great source material and quality power. And as an added bonus Blumenstein Ultra Fi even offers free shipping, but if you’re a native to Seattle, WA, or in the area, they’ll be happy for you to come by their workshop and take advantage of the local discount: 15% off list. Sounds good to us.

Buy Now: $550

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