How to Switch Back to Gmail, from Inbox

When you go to Gmail, is it automatically redirecting you to Inbox?


When Google announced Inbox by Gmail back in 2014, it was designed to take the place of Gmail altogether. And that still might be the goal. The problem is, even though they’re both email services, they’re different. Gmail is simple and easy, the old stalwart that you’re used to. Inbox by Gmail is a little more ambitious, a to-do list-style service that separates your emails for you, and has unique features and calendar integrations. It also encourages you to learn a new set of swipe features on its mobile app.

Frankly, the services are designed for different people; Gmail for those who want ease and familiarity and Inbox for more seasoned professionals. If you’re like me, you gave both services a shot to see which one worked better for you. For me, Gmail was the winner. But I soon realized that every time I went to Gmail, it kept automatically redirecting me back to Inbox. For a while, I endured by just clicking the “Gmail” icon in the lefthand menu of Inbox, but that gets old and delays productivity. If you’ve encountered this same problem, here’s how to quickly remedy it.

1. Open Inbox by Google on your laptop or desktop computer.

2. The menu icon can be found in the top left corner (it’s the three stacked horizontal lines). Click it.

3. Select “Settings” and then select “Other.” You’ll see an option that says “Redirect Gmail to”. Uncheck the box.

That’s it. From here on out you’ll go straight to Gmail no matter which device you access your Gmail account from.

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