This Pretty All-In-One Music Player Looks like Old-School Furniture

Meet Tivoli Audio’s new all-in-one music player, the Music System Home.

Tivoli Audio just announced several new speakers, some affordable and portable, and other wi-fi speakers for the home. The prettiest and most interesting of the bunch is the Music System Home. It’s an all-in-one music player (Bluetooth, wi-fi, CD, FM, line output and input) with Alexa voice assistance that’s designed to look like 60s modern furniture. It comes in several wood-and-fabric designs and will ship this September. (Pricing information has yet to be announced yet.) If you’re a somebody who listens to everything — Spotify, CDs and radio — this is a speaker to wait for.

Additionally, Tivoli announced a standalone Wi-Fi CD player, the Model CD, and a compact Bluetooth speaker, the Andiamo. All these speakers will be showcased for the first time at High End Munich this month.

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