This Beautiful All-in-One Turntable, Amp and Speaker Is a First for High-End Hi-Fi

Symbol Audio’s new all-in-one system can play records and streamed music.


A few months ago, Symbol Audio released several new home storage solutions to its collection, including the Unison Record Stand for all your audio components and the Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinet for your record collection. Now the company we know for making some of the most beautiful analog audio equipment is back to doing just that, with the Modern Record Player ($3,295+).

As a “first-of-its-kind audiophile quality record player with upgradable wireless capability,” the Modern Record Player has an integrated turntable, custom-engineered speakers and a custom-built class AB amplifier. It has a three-source selector switch (phono, auxiliary and wireless) so you can use it in a variety of different ways. Also, you can seamlessly connect it to your current system if you have a Sonos Connect or Airport Express.

The all-in-one system is available for preorder now, going for $3,295 (or $3,795 with the stand) which actually seems reasonably affordable, given how much the company’s other audio components run. (Its Modern Record Console, while much larger, cost $20K when it was first released several years ago.) The Modern Record Player is available for preorder today, and you can expect it to ship sometime this September.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Modern Record Player cost $1,648, but that’s actually what the deposit costs. The article has been adjusted to reflect this change.

Preorder Now: $3,295+

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