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This Design-Focused Hi-Fi Speaker Can Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

Native Union’s new powered Bluetooth speaker is being sold at the MoMA Design Store.


Native Union, the company that’s best known for its elevated tech accessories, such as iPhone cases and fabric-wrapped charging cables, recently announced a fancy new powered Bluetooth speaker that you can now order from the MoMA Design Store. It’s called the PR / 01 speaker ($799) and it’s a joint effort between Native Union and La Boite Concept, a high-end French acoustics company. As you’d expect from a speaker that’s named “PR / 01” and is being sold by a museum, this isn’t your ordinary Bluetooth speaker.

The PR / 01 speaker is about the size of a Sonos Play:5, and it’s a blend of wood and aluminum with a traditional textile grille. I’d describe the speaker as bespoke with a bit of panache, like it could easily slot into my grandfather’s office, alongside other vintage desk accouterments and a whiskey decanter. However, the PR / 01 speaker has some new-tech flair. Aside from being a hi-fi speaker that supposedly sounds great and can stream Bluetooth aptX, it has a number of built-in USB and audio ports to charge and connect your other devices, all of which are hidden in a secret drawer so they don’t take away from the design of the speaker.

There are two USB-A and one USB-C charging ports, as well as an RCA analog input and a 3.5mm stereo plug. Maybe the neatest feature is that there’s also room within this secret drawer for Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger, so you can simply place your iPhone X or Android smartphone on the top of the speaker and it’ll charge. Magic. It’s a cool trick, but you’ll need to put another $60 into the speaker as the wireless charger is sold separately.

The PR/01 is available online or in NYC’s MOMA stores. For those not in U.S., you can order the speaker at The Conran Shop. If you’re looking for an interesting and designed-focused hi-fi speaker for the home, this could be a great option. If you’re not too bothered about design, there are many more powered Bluetooth speakers out there that sound great and are more affordable. Fender’s Monterey speaker ($350) and Peachtree Audio’s DeepBlue3 ($399) are two that come immediately to mind.

Buy Now: $799

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