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Audeze’s Most Popular Headphones Just Got Better for Office Listening

Meet the new and improved Audeze LCD-2 Closed-Back headphones.


Audeze’s LCD-2s have been the company’s most well-known headphones for the better part of a decade. They’re designed as entry-level headphones for audiophiles that hover around the $800 mark; and they’re unique because they have planar magnetic drivers, unlike the dynamic drivers in more traditional over-ear headphones, allowing the LCD-2s to play extremely accurate, better sounding audio that you can enjoy for long listening sessions.

If there was an issue with the original LCD-2s, it was that they were open-backed headphones, so you really needed to listen to the headphones in a quiet environment so that outside noise didn’t creep in and so that you didn’t disturb everybody around you. Now the company has announced Audeze’s LCD-2 Closed-Back headphones. As the name implies, the new models have a closed-back design, so you can listen to them in more populated places. If you have a portable hi-fi player that you travel with, these would pair well with that, too.

Aside from that, the Audeze LCD-2 Closed-Back headphones are pretty much packed with the same drivers and other guts as the original LCD-2s, so you can expect similar sound quality (although closed-back and open-back headphones naturally create different listening experiences, of course). The LCD2 Closed-Back are available now for $899.

Buy Now: $899

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